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Haven’t been on here in awhile but unfortunately I did not win the title of Miss Teen Canada World 2011. But I can honestly say I had the time of my life. And will never forget that. Ive met 73 other beautiful girls from all over this beautiful country that we live in; Canada! I got to experience things that a small town girl like me never dreamed. Now I know I can dream the impossible.

Even though its been a few months, I remember it as if it was yesterday. I’ll fill you in on what we did.

Billy Elliot Musical With Jen Tessier

With Dillon J Stevens "Billy's" Best Friend in the Musical

Tuesday, July 12th, all the contestants headed of to Frankie Tomatto’s where we had all you can eat Italian food. Let me just tell you, it was delicious. With our tummies full, we then headed of to the Billy Elliot Musical. Man! was it ever good! Ive never seen so much talent in such a young boy before. It was amazing how an 11 year old boy carried an entire play. Unbelievable. If you ever get the chance to see it, do it! Right after we got to met the actors. Not only were they talented they were also little heartthrobs in the making.

At Stylexchange

Wednesday, July 13th, 74 girls filled 2 buses and headed on on a major shopping spree 50% off at Stylexchange. Here’s a interview of former Miss Teen Canada at Stylexchange: Miss Teen Canada World 2010

Thursday, July 14th, was a very long day that was very demanding and stressful. We had to get our hair and makeup done for preliminaries that night. If you wanted to make top 20, this night depended on it.

Kevin Frankish- Old Fashion Finger Point, Shake and Smile

Friday, July 15th, we woke up at the crack of dawn. Got our bums out of bed. And headed to Breakfast Television. Kevin and Dina, are absolutely hilarious. I never thought I would see Kevin Frankish in front of me. I remember watching him on my tv screen wearing his old suspenders. Later on we got the opportunity to take pictures with them. And while all the girls were doing the professional posing and what- not. Me, being the daughter of Gerry Dubeau had to do something different. So I took his hand and did the old fashion finger point, shake and smile. Late that night we had the talent portion were 2 girls would later be chosen to do their talent on stage the night of the finale.

Saturday, was a fun filled day of rehearsal, rehearsal and would you guess it? Rehearsal.

Sunday, the day we all waited for. The most stressful day of the week had arrived. We did non  stop practices, hair and makeup. Here’s what the show time line up looked like:

8-8:05- Opening number

Our Host: Alicia Josipovic & Luke Bilyk from Degrassi

8:05-8:10- Host intro

8:10-8:30- Presentation of delegates

8:30-8:36- Top 20 announced

8:36-8:46- Top 20 video

8:46-8:48- Contestant talent

8:48-8:52- Dancers performance

8:52-9:08- Swimsuit competition

9:08-9:20- Danny Fernandes performance

9:20-9:29- Top 10

9:29-9:34- Intro of judges

9:34-9:53- Evening gown competition

9:53-10:03- Intermission

10:03-10:06- Contestant talent

10:06-10:10- Free the children video

10:10-10:15- Top 5 annonced

10:15-10:22- Top 5 interview questions

10:22-10:25- Sponsor video

10:25-10:28- Channings final walk

10:28-1030- Prize video

10:30-10:35- Special awards

10:35-10:38- Runner ups

10:38-10:42- Winner announced/ Summary Video

A little extra: Week summary video

Congratulations to my friend and winner Lauren Howe! The new Miss Teen Canada and 4th runner up at Miss Teen World! Check out Missteencanadaworld.com

Hope you enjoyed this blog entry!

See you later, alligator!


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