Good evening everyone,

This will be a really short blog entry due to the fact that I am exhausted from such an eventful yet incredible day. Honestly I cant remember the last time I had this much fun.

Hippo TourThis morning my day started bright and early at 6am. From there I got ready to go on a hippo bus tour. Our buses name was Henry. As we went on the hippo tour which might I add is the hippest bus in town, we were followed by the etalk daily crew. Not only that but everywhere we went there were paparazzi, fans taking pictures with us. I have never felt so famous in my life.


Me with the CN Tower

Me at the CN tower

Afterwards we were dropped off at the cn tower. Man, did I feel small.

I forgot to mention that Miss Teen USA Worlds, Miss Teen USA intercontinental and Miss Teen Worlds 2010!!!!


Bowling at Ballroom Bowl and Bar

Bowling at Ballroom Bowl and Bar

All of us beauties then left bowling at the ballroom bowl bar. There we played a mini game of bowling and had grilled cheese.

After a busy day out in town we then came back to the hotel

Me and my beauties at the Greek restaurant

to practice our pageant walks then headed out to a Greek restaurant. Ive never experienced Greek food however I absolutely loved it. Dont ask me what I had because I could not pronounce it.

After a long day of touring the town, being interviewed and having the camera lights all around you, I realized that I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I love theses girls, I love Michelle, Chris, Anthony, Maram, Rob, Darren, Ryan & the rest of the crew, I love the long days and nights. If you ever get the chance to experience something like this I highly suggest you try it.

Anyways I have to hit the hay, I will be up at 7am and wont be in our rooms till 1am Wednesday morning.

Love you all,



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