With your host: Mariah Dubeau Miss Teen Kitchener- Wilmot Worlds 2011


Ladies and Germs, Do you think you have what it takes to challenge Mariah Dubeau at some of the most outrageous, humorous contests. Can you run faster than her across a pool carrying an Egg on a tea spoon? Can you do more push-ups then her while balancing a chiwawa on your back, or maybe find the exit of a maze quicker than her while blindfolded? If you believe to have it in you, we dare you to do it on public television at the MARIAH VS THE WORLD SHOW but “if you can’t stand the heat get out of Mariah’s Kitchen”. The show will have you laughing, crying and feeling energized.


The MARIAH VS THE WORLD SHOW will travel extensively across North America in order to provide all Canadian and US citizens with the opportunity to go head to head and smile to smile in a best 2 out of 3 with Mariah Dubeau. Viewers from across North America will be able to send in their own creative challenge ideas. If your idea is chosen we will invite you to come to the taping of that specific episode. Here is where the fun part comes in, at the beginning of every show we will broadcast the “charity of the day” and for the first 5-7 minutes as we introduce the contestant and the 3 challenges that will be played, telephone lines will be open for viewers to place bets on the player they think will take the cake and have victory. A portion of the funds  collected from the winners bets will be donated to the featured charity, also the winner of each episode will win a monetary prize, however if and when Mariah wins she will donate her prize to “the charity of the day” each and every time. If the opponent wins they will have the choice to keep their money, or make a contribution to charity. What the challengers don’t know is, if they decide to donate their prize will always surprise them with another smaller but still remarkable gift such as a 100$ gift card toward Rimmel London products or 100$ toward Me to We Style … Nobody ever goes home empty handed at the Mariah VS the world show. At the end of the hour shows lines will re-open for all the viewers to call in and also make a generous contribution. The point is to encourage everyone to give back to this incredible world we live. Mariah VS the world is a whole new innovative way to turn your boring week nnights into a blast, work hard, play hard and and most importantly inspire you to go out and give back. Now step up to the plate, bowl or the plan and register yourself now by calling IAM VS WORLD (1-426-879-6753) or e-mailing

Are you brave enough or are you to chicken?BUAK, BUAK, BUAK

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