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«Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. »

Once upon a time that was me. But not today folks. Today I leave my small town of 1,500 people to the big city of Toronto of 5.5 million. Yikes. But with a great town supporting me, family and friends I know I’ll do fine, although I will miss them terribly.

History time:

John Millar and his two brothers immigrated to Canada from Dundee, Scotland in the early 1800s. John had bought a piece of land here in 1830 and 1832 and dammed Alder Creek to create a mill pond for his sawmill. A village grew next to the mill-pond which he named New Dundee, meaning “in the hollow by the water”. In 1846 John sold a portion of his property to his brother, Frederick, who later laid out the original plan for the village and became its first postmaster. Today, the mill pond – known as Alder Lake – remains a focal and recreational point of life in New Dundee.

What is in New Dundee

You would be surprised what there is to do in this small town. For starters we can go fishing and canoeing in the summertime and skating in the winter on Alder Lake. You can go shopping at the local Village Market or even the New Dundee Emporium and for those who are legal we just opened an LCBO a few years ago.


If you like making pots we have a Pottery and for those you like to get your hair down we have a local hairstylist.





For those who are bored we have a Video store and a Library. If you’re hungry you can go to the Video store for some ice cream and popcorn, to the bakery and pizzeria where you can buy delicious pastries and you guessed it pizza.




Or you can go to my favourite place the Dundee Diner, where you will receive great food and service. Everybody loves the owner Kosta his son Louis who might look intimidating but is a teddy bear and his beautiful, friendly, energetic and my good friend Maggie. (Honestly everybody loves this girl and this place.)

To me New Dundee is one of the greatest places I know. The food, the places, the people are just great. I will have lived in New Dundee for 12 years come august. You grow to love this town of 22 streets, and love everything that is in it.

New Dundee won’t be the only thing I’ll miss. My besties will be missed. Not just because I’m away from them for a week but because most of them will be leaving the tri-cities to go to university.

I don’t even know with who to begin.

Meet the gang

This girl her name is Jenna Brochu. Just recently she moved to Sault- Saint Marie which is 9 hours away. I miss Jenna terribly. She was and still is one of my closest friends even if she is a year younger than me. I miss how we use to play card games during our spares. If it wasn’t for her I would have probably never talked to most of the 11th graders who I have now become close friends with. Jenna I thank you for your support, helping me out for 4 days straight. You are officially apart of my family and I sorry you had to deal with them for 4 days haha. Good times throwing balloons at my mom and stealing Brookes Ipod to listen to party rock anthem 20 billion times!!! I hope those memories are still with you and good luck on your new adventure.

Alex Olsen, let`s just begin to say this is probably my favourite picture of you. Alex I love you because you are not afraid of being different. I love that your loud, opinionated, intelligent and kind. I love how you have always been there when I needed you and I can’t wait to have another sleepover with you and Mac. I still really hope that Kimmy and Brooke will become bffs because then it will just give me a reason to visit you. I hope that you`ll get the experience you are looking for at Charlton University. I hope you meet people just like you. People that never judge you even if you sound silly at times. Love ya girly.

Oh Stephanie Caron, I’m glad you’re not leaving. I need at least one friend to be my partner in crime. Steph you are one of the strongest people I know and I love how no what I can count on you matter. The only thing I regret is never meeting your father. If I had that chance I would tell him that he raised a beautiful person that I am proud to call one of my close friends. I know that no matter what you will be honest with me. And I can honestly say I haven’t had a piece of Juicy Fruit gum since that little incident we had. Haha.


Karen Lailvaux (right), you are the second strongest person I have ever met. You have always been on the same boat as me. From when we forgot to do our math homework or even with our personal relationships.  You are funny, smart and your one of those people everybody wants to be friends with. And I am glad I get to call you that.


Erica Bursey (left), where do I even begin with you? I love how you are always having new drama or gossip to tell me. I love how when I have something to tell you I can trust that you won’t tell anyone. You are one of a kind. I like that you are friends with everybody and how kind-hearted you are. I also really enjoyed our movie/ouiji board night and I think we should do it again soon. Love ya girly.



Erin Niewinski, can you believe that almost a year ago we didn’t like each other? I miss those days… Just kidding. Your one of the only kids from New Dundee that I actually like. I loved our shopping day and can’t wait to have many more. Know that I have your back no matter what happened in the future. You’re a hilarious person and I love partying with you. Let us not forget Grand Bend… Good times.



Cassie Bertram (left)… Harry Potter- nuff said.

Sweet Caroline (right).. BA BA BAAA!!!! I absolutely love you and I can honestly say that you have absolutely no enemies. Everybody loves you and how could they not.






Alex Lennox (right), I know we haven’t been friends for too long. But honestly girl I love it every moment when we are together. I have nothing bad to say about you. And I rave about you too all of my friends… Which you found out at prom. LOL. I love watching people make a fool of themselves and how we just laugh at them. I hope we get to hang out more often this summer and hopefully go camping at the Pinery again. I love how that even though we barely see each other we chat on bbm like we have known each other for years. I’m glad I got the opportunity to meet you. Thanks

Megan Talbot (left), one of my longest friends. We have been together for so long that I will miss you so much when you leave to Ottawa. I love how even though we have separate groups we have still remained friends and always find time for each other. I hope it will be like that once you do leave for University. Because Megan, you are one of those friends I cannot lose.

Renée Kok (right), you have been my best friend now for 15 years. We have been through so much together. From our confirmation to graduation. Not many people have what we do. I can honestly call you my sister. Although we have had our share of ups and downs I know in the end when it comes down to it you have my back. No matter what happens. Love ya sis




Jessie Leblanc, I remember the first day I met you back in grade 8. You were so timid and shy. Then you met me. Now look at what you have become. A MONSTER!!! Just kidding. But you have come out of your shell since the first day I met you. I like it. I’m glad that we got to have our retail therapy the other day it was nice spending the day with you and venting. I love how our lives are the same but different. I love how I can tell you anything and vise versa. Je t`aime.


Camille Bonna- Wood, I love you dearly and wish that you would text me. I miss you. I can’t picture my life without you. I need you now more then I have ever needed you. I’m sorry.




Can’t forget my girl SHAAMWOW… Follow her on Twitter for hilarious tweets and deets on different things.





I hope you all now know a little about each of my girls. I hold these friends very close to my heart. I love each and everyone of you. Good luck in the future.

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Love always,



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3 Responses to Small Town Girl To The Big City

  1. Alex says:

    Mariah Dubeau…omg i cant believe how amazing you are. To be included in your friends page on the world wide web is an incredible honour and I feel soo loved. You are going to do great things my dear, and I’m so glad I have been a part of the journey.

    Bisous, Olsen 😀

  2. Thats very kind of you! Im glad you enjoyed it!

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