Be the change you want to see in the world- Gandhi

Be the change you want to see in the world- Gandhi, Me with my Me to We shirt

«Changing the world is not a one person task. Together with the vision and dedication of these Free The Children partners, we are able to realize the dreams of countless children around the world. Our Visionary Partners demonstrate a true commitment to social justice and youth empowerment in a multitude of ways. Their strong leadership and ingenuity directly results in sustainable impact and helps drive positive social change the world over.» (free the children partnership)

As some of you might Marc & Craig Kielburger are not only the founder`s of Free The Children but are also the creater`s of Me To We.

Me to We is a social enterprise with a mission to help the organisation of Free the Children. What they do is create environmentally friendly clothing, books and music, and also gives the opportunity to many to have a life-changing experience. From inspiring speakers, leadership training and much more. Half of the profits that Me to We make go to Free the Children. The other half is to expend their enterprise.

Fun Fact: Me to We has saved 208,037 gallons of water, 12,631 pounds of solid waste, 454 trees and not to mention 43,194 pounds of greenhouse gases. Last year with many profound speeches, books, workshops and leadership programs they inspired 275,000 people… Make that now 275,001!

Me at We Day

Me at We Day

Back in February, I had the chance to have this experience. Marc & Craig as well as their friends came to the Kitchener- Waterloo Auditorium. There I got the chance to hear Al Gore, an environmental activist, Jesse Jackson who spoke to us about civil rights. And had performers like the Stereos, Barenaked Ladies and Shawn Desman. (many more people showed up, I just didn’t want you to get too jealous). On this trip I learnt that one person can make a big difference, that can have a huge impact on many people.

We Day 2011


We day, was established by Me to We in honors of empowering our youth to create a positive change in our world. And little by little, they are succeeding.



We Day 2011 «— Your just one click away of witnessing the great experience I got to be apart off.

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Well folks, ta-ta for now.

Love always, Mariah Dubeau


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